Caminito Films is the result of the evolution undergone by its members, with their different backgrounds and experiences like photojournalism, graphic design or media production, in pursuit of telling new stories with a more complex approach.
Our strength is our work as a team, where we combine our individual and special abilities to develop creative visual projects and produce corporate contents for Spanish and foreign clients.



RAFAEL FABRÉS – Director (Madrid, Spain, 1982)

Rafael Fabrés is a documentary photographer and filmmaker living between Brasil and Spain.
Graduated in Media Communications with a degree in Photography, he became a freelance photographer in 2008.
Ever since, he has been working as a photojournalist and videographer, based in countries like Haiti, Afghanistan or Brazil. His work has been published in Der Spiegel, TIME, The New York Times, El Pais, Paris Match, Le Monde, L´Express, De Volkskrant or Gatopardo and he has also collaborated several years as a stringer for Getty Images. He is the founder of Caminito Films.


ÁLVARO MORO – Director of Photography (Guadalajara, Spain, 1985)

Alvaro Moro is a filmmaker, screenwriter, editor and a YouTuber living in Madrid.
Graduated in Media Communications with a degree in Contemporary Photography, he has worked in several film and television production companies.
He specializes in creating content for the Internet, making videos and scripts for different clients and channels, including his own (Wasabi Humor, with 70,000 subscribers).


JORGE VERDÚ – Video Editor/Motion Graphics Designer (Ceuta, Spain, 1986)

Jorge Verdú is a motion graphic designer and editor living in Madrid.
Graduated in Media Communications with a degree in Cinema Photography and HD, he was based for 4 years in South Korea, where he designed a lot of TV commercials working for some of the best postproduction and advanced editing companies in the asian country. He has worked for clients such as Hyundai, LG, Standard Chatered, Dubai Telecom and Chevrolet. Jorge is an expert in Motion Graphics Arts and 2D compositing.